My temperature rises,

I am thinking of you and somehow my body aches, yearns, and is convulsing for your medicine.

Cold sweats overrun my body as I am without the very healing I need, only the one that you offer.

The concentration of subtle fever comes from the last time I encountered you, we broke into a sweat.

I was breathing heavy from the dosage you placed on me yet I drifted slowly to a comfortable place.

You are almost Mentally addictive as if what I have digested is merely a placebo, yet either way I can’t seem to get enough.

You are somehow the vaccine and the venom, I get high when I inject you deep into my psyche.

My mind hallucinating silhouettes of you in my room, my eyes daydreaming of encounters with you.

Merely to hold you, reassured me that you were the right one and somehow undoubtedly my ego let me know that is false.

You are merely my escape from reality, my pleasurable fantasy. A mere thought of possibilities.

If only you were the medicine to cure all my ailments…

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