Beautiful Broken Healed Guarded Loving Ambitious Cautious Truthful Lady Ingenious Driven Supportive Elegant Passionate Demure Wild Composed Musically Creative Precious Amazing Sufficient ExtraOrdinary Taken Advantage Of yet Forward Moving My Muse Beauty in Flesh Love in Physical Presence Deserving Learning Disciplined Conscious A Jewel Tested Blessing Genius Teacher Blessing Eccentric Phenomenal True Nostalgic Revolutionary Whimsical Jovial Adventurer Natural Original Self-Assured My Partner My Admiration The One Whom I Am of the same energy yet of opposite polarity. Exquisite, Stunning, Breathtaking, Emotionally cleansing Spiritually aligned Mentally flexible and balanced and physically committed.

Somehow I can describe you without ever once stating anything externally identifiable, yet somehow when I see the inside of you it is quite evident all the above lies within YOU!