When the text back
Never got back
It was then
That I knew…
It was over.
Over was my imagi-
Nation of what
We could’ve been.
Over was the
Thoughts of you 
And me.
Over was the cute
Gm text I’d send.
Over was your
Gentle soft hands.
Ever so rubbing 
My tense back.
Relaxing my mind
& helping ease
My worries.
The worries of
Never finding some-
That’s match 
My goals.
Lost in the dreams
Of my mind.
Could it be true
That someone
Was you?
But the answers
To the test
Came in.
And just like that…
It was over.
With no closure…
In sight.
Left to pick up
The pieces of 
A dream differed.
No words.
Just silence.
Still wondering why.
Why lead me on?
Why break it off, 
But still leave
The door open?
Open to
“Just friends,”
“Just cool,”
“Just fck’n.”
Knowing full well
That my heart
Couldn’t take it.
But foolishly
I played
Along in
Your game.
You held all 
The cards,
All the CTRL,
All the power.
But the path
Is clear,
And the fog
Is gone.
Bc this storm
Is over…

Submission by : J.I.