I played the music to get me hype, to get me going, to have me ready and I was about that action boss.

Then slowly God stripped me, the cologne smelled good. Yet my spirit had something in it with an odor.

It crept out like a zombie, oxymoronic living with the dead. As I was the vessel the demon attached itself to. I was the one who decided it was welcome, as I never made it pay dividends. I didn’t make it look itself in the mirrors and bask in its own atrocity. It simply found comfort in internally destroying me. It became a distinct infestation rotting and poisonous. A slow venom as it hid from the light but delved and enjoyed the dark corridor I had shifted it to. I didn’t pay it any attention and it enjoyed that because it knew me. It knew my desires, my agonies, my life was what it fed on. My flaw was ignoring it as it was merely weak but my lack of acknowledgement gave it time to grow and find and feast on me. It would tag team when new demons entered. Then it would utilize their energy when they disappeared. Morphing and mutating and every time I shine a little light it would redirect or hide from me in another dark corridor of me. So I began digging, God guiding me. As eerie sounds crept from unknown crevices, I stood in an arena where the demon was in utter control and at advantage. Attacking me as I dove, assaulting me as I searched, released by fear. It began an onslaught and took the opportunity to be my wildest opponent.

Lashes covering my body, pain running through my flesh, and agony flowing through my blood. Gruesome it had no mercy, it was savage, it was that of ill intent. So naturally I had to FIGHT, I had to combat its wicked ways, I stripped my armor. Put down my weapons and released any fear of the outcome. I then welcomed the demon, as it was inspired by the opening. I destroyed it completely off the tactics it hadn’t thought of.

The advantage was I stripped it of all its strengths, and that stripped me of all my weakness.