Honey you are nature’s sweetness.

The perfect compliment to meals.

Honey , dripping as if in slow motion.

Be With You, plays in the background while you slowly wind in front of me.

You buzz so passionately.

Tempting my touch, teasing while gliding through the air.

An artist of motion paired with visual aesthetics, my mouth waters in anticipation.

Have I earned this privilege, have I done my part to be the man who receives the ensuing pleasures.

Honey, you swiftly unravel and the texture of your skin is finer than the most delicate silks.

Feening, I’m typically a savory man but your sweet aroma has me craving something a bit more decadent.

In this moment, you coat my tongue and nothing but your sweetness blesses my taste buds.

Oh Honey, let’s see the many ways I can enjoy you til the Moon is covered by the sun and even then I want to have you drizzled all over my breakfast….