I found peaceful dreams after painful days

Trust me the pain always finds ways to fade away.

So I trust few with ever blessing me with better days

Truth is, I’ll mess up a million times and that’s better than finding the easy way.

I’d rather earn it and celebrate, turn to the next person finding their path and congratulate.

I found peaceful dreams in haunted nightmares

Bliss in ignorant company.

I’d at one point felt it was an obstacle but I realized it was simply a blessin in fronta me

Trusting God wasn’t always enough for me

So I double back and touch the stove just to show it was no punk in me.

It’s said that few survive in jealous company so I only keep those who are proud of me. Then make sure I’m inspired by them. Then part ways with those who envy me just so I stay strong while god continues testing me.

Only way to live when life deals you mixed signals of deceit. Shortcomings, ignorance and sin. So I replace em with lessons, wisdom, and a grin.

Add D to the end and many can’t compete or comprehend how the grind will never end.

Truth is my story is not so much better than the next I just knew that if I continued pushing my losses could turn me into my best.

So I signed on the dotted line to accept life as it comes and myself as I am.