Dear Diary,

I’m not sure if I say this often but for some reason I feel in a zone a place of extreme GREATNESS. Nothing can touch me, nothing is startling me, my mind and body are adept and my spirit is strong. It’s been a while since this trinity has wrapped itself and intertwined effectively. I know it’s genuine because I’m currently a magnet. I’m attractive, not in the sense of physical appearance although if I’d say so myself a brother looking might FOOOIIINNNEEE. (Lmao) No seriously I’m like this level of attraction that is almost scary, I can cut through bullshit and I see heaven and opportunity everywhere. I’m not desperate, my mind is sharp, my body solid, my heart healing, my spirit resonates.

In all honesty right now things are not how I desire them to be, I’d love to truly say that I have everything I want. Yet mercy and grace has given all I need. I realize that not only am I aware of this but others are keenly aware too. Yet, I’ll keep quiet and utilize this momentum and continue. Inertia is the hardest to overcome but the kinetic energy is the one that allows you to power through.

Right now I’m utilizing my kinetic energy, today felt like greatness in motion!!