Diary Of A Black Man #55

Dear Diary,

I’ve been observing Ramadan enlightening my spiritual palette. This will be my second year participating and although I’m relatively new it intrigued me the discipline and overall experience it brings. My mind is a bit sharper due to a change in diet, the intermittent fasting, and the motion of purpose set behind the trying month. Tonight will be the end officially, and I am never truly good with endings. They always seemed to be storybook or made up. I’m struggling with this belief I’m carrying and right now my writing is not the avenue to release it in. I find trouble in expressing my truest heart desires but in them I find this utopia with which my life can blossom, bear fruit, and inspire. Yet I am sure of 2 things the world has yet to see me in pure form and fashion. Today I realized that I am something many desire yet in raw form. I’m what men yearn to embody and without thoughts I am physically capable and blessed. Women may say they are against and not in pursuit of it but many would appreciate to be in the presence of. Today I allowed someone else to show me myself. It showed a side that some would call not correct.

I’d simply like to say FUCK those some, your just mad you can’t be one.


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