Dear Diary,

Today I cleansed myself not solely with just my external but internally. Utilized my time to purge myself. I told someone I loved them because my heart needed to feel that presence of love that was unconditional. I didn’t eat anything until after I left from the gym and pushed myself even when I wanted to stop a set. I told some people I needed prayer because desperately I knew I could feel my spirit was in need of assistance.I sent out apologies because I needed to truly feel forgiveness. I checked my own behavior and prayed. Then I cleaned my body and shaved. It all felt so small but important. I stripped my bedding and put new sheets, so that my dreams and rest can be renewed.

Today was transparent, I gave and didn’t feel taken advantage of I simply gave away all that no longer served me. My attachment to old ways, people, items, and ideas. I cleared space for all that is new.

Today felt like: A first day of school outfit.

New and unseen just being prepped to step out for the day.