Come here.

Let’s play a game, on the count of ten everything you imagined internally will manifest.

You were recently chained by the idea that, what you had been conditioned was the only way. Somehow though I help to clear the smoke and mirrors. I see beyond the ego, I see through the barriers and find the core. I speak to your soul.

Barren in a society of filters, your soul speaks. It tells of truths your captions hide. The instances your stories don’t capture. The moments your statuses won’t define. The very fears you soothe with likes and views. I speak back. Slowly but surely, link by link, freeing you. Letting you find a place of simplicity. Where your raw presence, is more valued than what you can doll up. Slowly the chains begin to break. You become free and that excites you, because it is not a forced feeling but the one you seemed never to post, comment on, or take a selfie of.

Bare and no longer chained.