Let’s wash away all the layers packed on

Mule runners, hidden in plain site, mid day delight

Struggles, ambitious melodies, street messages

Federal officials closing in on a decorated decoy

A beautiful woman unraveling your life one stroke at a time

How beautiful as the hands rotate yet are captured in an orb of prophetic messages

Oracle arenas boasting warriors congratulations now seem to be the standard closing remarks.

Dynasty’s filled with GOATS, Bulls, and Cowboys all rounding them up…

Let’s bend left, just so you can see it right..

Check after check after check Nike endorsing the best, clearing a billion with a trillion up next.

Feeding the children, giving the best, let’s not take for granted the silence that sits alongside the moments you can’t put into words.

Bow our heads, pray, and then resurrection of attention as we see that what we once asked of became so.

Never knew

That when I prayed

I found everything

In a moment