Refocusing my aperture with hopes to capture the opportunity.

Filtering through raw images to a place of finished products.

5 by 7 so it’s proportional to the depths of the hues, amongst the scenery.

Black and White won’t denounce the depth of your womanhood.

Canvassing you is merely the most suitable way to admire you.

Subtle contrast helps differentiate shadow and light.

I can place you in natural light or have assistance either way you shine.

Whether night or daytime I can capture your beauty.

We have a series of shoots and play around with unique scenes.

Not one for violence but you are my favorite person to shoot.

I love to watch you in motion.

Yet it is something about capturing you as you are enshrined in stillness.

First thing in the morning and catching you off guard I can see you in true form.

No matter the season.

No matter the moments.

The location.

The surroundings do not matter and time of day hold no significant meaning.

Because since the beginning of time, you have remained picture perfect!