Diary Of A Black Man #30

Dear Diary,

Today I am in a crossroad, merely learning from past experience and growing through new challenges. I am thankful for what I’ve accumulated moreso wisdom than material possessions, the turmoil has lead me to a sense of sacred zen. I’ve discussed this before so I will halt that portion. Yet I wanted to make it be known those whom I am appreciative of not merely for anything that they have done externally but the ways they poured into me internally. My tribe has grew, my vision focused, my thoughts a bit less cloudy. Yet challenges are upon my horizon. As I currently write this my unsure nature is not to overshadow my faith but it equates that I’m heading into unforeseen yet memorable territory. This is no foolish means of psycho seasoning or trick towards logical thinking of what lies ahead. I shall find my calm, my comfort, and my decision to persevere is one, that I confidently accept! No steps back…

Diary I’ll be back but for right now…


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