Diary of A Black Man #18

Dear Diary,

I am in a season, one of ingenuity and ingestion. Equally I am in a high influx of expression and creation. It’s like I take in and give out. I summon research and actively create and materialize those findings. It may be a higher state of mind. Today is pressing, a pressure I know all too familiar yet my attentive calm nature is for some reason remaining strong and active. I’m viewing life in a variation of possibilities. It’s like a Buffett and naturally I can gather any variable combination but precisely I diagnose my highest desires and also my trivial wants. It is like life teaching me to feast yet gradually and remember that I can come back. More is available and welcome to my return.

Today was like clay work. Imagination paired with material and sealed in a furnace then to the kiln…

It will take time to admire the final creation…

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