Reflections (Rebirth, 2 Birth, 2-Way Mirror, I’m Dead)

(Interlude) It’s so important to know who you are and even more important to know who you are not. Just a little bit of wisdom I learned in my short but long lifetime depending on how you perceive life. Looks are very deceiving at times, but that’s why we’re given spiritual eye(s) to see with. And if you don’t listen to your inner voice, life can be a living hell. But on the contrary it can be a living heaven as well. It’s up to you to decide if you’re gonna be an angel or demon. And sometimes both depending on your circumstance. You can fight it all you want, but you are what you are. What the elders always say? “The cream always raises to the top.”

You did a number
On me.
And I cannot
Reverse the sequence…
Of events that fell
Like dominos
On the table
Of my heart.
You stabbed me
In my side.
Afraid to pull
The blade out.
I just might
Bleed out.
I cannot say
I’m mad.
Now realizing who
You really are.
A mirror
To my soul.
You’ve forced me
To look within.
These depths of me
I cannot even recognize.
As time lapses
I see that
This elevation
Every step
To get the
Need separation.
Acceptance has
Become my vibration.
Nothing w/o
The cut off
Demands a
Which happened
To be you.
Leaving me to
Ask what more..
Do I have to do?
Your claws left
Me with
Your scars.
But I took
A pound
Of flesh
Off you
Sure I can be
A little fishy
I know.
Takes a little
While for the
Fangs to show.
But I Smelled blood
And there was
No resisting.
Didn’t they
Tell you
Don’t swim
With sharks?
But you knew
That of course
Because you’re
A predator
Calculated all
Of your steps.
First you tried
Catching me
With your
Bare hands.
But you know
How that goes.
Next the
Fishing nets
Came out.
So deceptive
You are.
In a weird
Way I admire
your Tenacity.
Not always
Clear as to why.
So I spell it out
In these poems.
Guess it was
In our soul con-
When we arrived
To this world.
We had unre-
solved issues
We had to
Get to.
And woman
We got to it.
Now our
In a hard knot.
But tied none-
The less.
And we can
Go rounds.
Call me
Bc I don’t
Get tired.
Souls we
A lot of faith,
But where’s the work?
I’m praying more.
Asking for
Better days.
Still got more
Demons to slay
Even after I
Got you out
The way.
It was always
The inner me
That was the
So thank
You for
The reminder.
I’ll never forget
Even after I find
You were the
Karma I had
To reconcile.
While taking
My trip up
The Nile.
The curse
I had to break.
Before I
To the day,
And Set
Upon my
Only to
There’s no
More fight.
I seek peace
Not war.
Unlike before
I am restored.
I laid myself
Down and
In you.
Only to
Be destroyed.
But if I lay it
I’m sure to
Pick it back
Licked these
Broken I was.
My crown
All in
Shattered pieces.
Took Asset
A sec-
But I am
Submission from

Jonathan Irving
JI Designs

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