Who is She? A women covered in battle wombs from wars fought not of her own .
Who is She ? A women not afraid of emotion but scared to feel the pain of the world around her.. a women whose heart is so big God could hold it in his hand
A women who’s hard work goes unseen but who will continue to push and win
Who is She? She is intelligence , knowledge hanging off her like ornaments to a tree .
A women who see’s all but is misconceived as blind due to silence from when she doesn’t speak
Who is She? A women kissed by the sun with melanin that drips off her like melted Gold , precious ..
Who is she ? A women who loves unconditionally because she knows how it feels to be alone …. a women brave not scared of the obstacles thrown her way
Who is she? Someone that doesn’t take kindly to games but get wet to the intellect of a man that can fuck her mind .
Who is she? Explicitness covered in class , sexy and unique .
Who is she? She is her and her is me

Submission by Asia Bastian