She said she wanted to feel my words, so kneeling down in respect it was time to dissect her lower body and seductively kissing her legs.

Starting at her feet, I began to speak direction and determination into each toe, gently running my lips along the sole of her feet guiding them to a variety of destinations.

Rising up, my words sped up as to be as agile as her ankles and Achilles, almost in a form of inspiration. I spoke of balance and that hard work has to be accomplished, but rest is necessary.

As her calves greeted me, I could only think to exclaim that you too are important because with out you feet do not move, speed and power are not possible nor is standing up for ones self.

Her knees buckling I told her to remain strong as this is what you asked for, my words now electrified through her legs, calming her knees to remain composed even in turmoil and uncertainty. Bending but never breaking. Finally a course that was sure to be worth the time and effort.

Carving my tongue across the vast area of her thighs. Instantly tasting power as well as the responsibility to uphold the body and carry so much. So passionately we expressed travel, ideas, flexibility, imagination, along with creativity. For a second I was lost, the strength the abilities but I regained focus and humbly spread those wonderful thighs.

To my surprise awaited me: a garden of life and fruit that I could harvest but only women could bare.

Like the kid searching the refrigerator late at night, deciding in what manner I would fulfill my cravings tonight, while equally honoring her request. So quietly slipping my fingers in to taste test it’s delicate deliciousness. To my surprise it was something I’d never before imagined, liquid gold dripped from my finger and hastily I sopped up every drop.

Excitedly crooning, now anxious as I may not be disciplined enough to stop eating this delectable treasure. So with a plan in mind, I tuned in to listen of its wisdom. Fearlessly diving in as it gave me life, strength, resiliency, and compassion.

Gratefully, acknowledging and thanking my midnight snack speaking every word of praise for its many blessings.

Then showing a form of gratitude, I divulged my plans. Planning greatness, planting revolution, devouring ambition. My tongue oratorically discussed passion, precision, and perseverance.

Yet before getting carried away, making sure love was assuredly inserted. As it would stand, my midnight snack would gush and quench my very focused desires and mutually our conversation left her with a different vision.

Now whenever in need of inspiration and hungry for glory and triumph…..

I grab a Midnight Snack!!