Simone was a punctual person but something made her want to be extra ready this evening. She had a secret and dinner with Trey was the perfect atmosphere to express it. Mostly outgoing for some reason she has become quite coy in this particular matter. Funny thing is she hadn’t felt this way with Trey in quite some time and it seemed to almost make her nervous.

Trey was blaring some random music and oblivious to what was coming his way. Yet in the back of his mind, he was feeling millions of things at once. This mystery woman, Kamryn and her shenanigans and he had some big decisions to make.



“Trey FOR REAL!”

“UGGGHHH.” *turning it down hesitantly*

-Across town-

A familiar face catches Jace’s eye and he makes it a point to confirm his eyes are agreeing with his memory.

You were at the concert the other night, right?


Ok, I knew I wasn’t tripping man I’d never forget a woman that stunning.

Stunning? hmmph well, thank you!

Yeah, you were rocking that dress and the purple covered you like royalty.

Royalty? Well, aren’t you just the cutest little charmer.

Cute, excuse me but I am grown and cute is for babies and puppies. I like to think more debonair or sauve.

Sure, we can go with that.

Yeah well, I won’t take any more of your time it was great seeing you again.

*Lily smiles and then continues walking towards her destination*

Although this was an almost swift encounter Jace had a feeling it wouldn’t be there last.

*Phone Rings*


Hey Baby, How are you?

I was just calling to let you know I’m coming to town next week.

I have a few meetings but I’m free Thursday and Friday night we have a Gala. I’d love to take you as my date.

Ok perfect, I have this sequin jade gown I’ve been dying to wear.

See you on Thursday…

To be continued…