Dear Diary,

As biblically stated God is said to come to you in Dreams.

Last night I was given that call which has been a consistent visit here recently.

This was no calm visit as rage was found in this dream. Not in regards to me but through me.

Showing me things my eyes before were too naive to capture. My heart erupted, my mind scrambled, and all resolve was in the form of an uncontrolled fury.

I haven’t felt like this in years. As a youth I struggled with strong episodes of blackout type anger. I would cradle my voice and quiet my thoughts to make others comfortable.

After being told my words were too much, or too brash, or wrong to say. I began to internalize my own voice which as a child began to sit and fester until it ticked to explosion.

God showed me things I hadn’t fathomed, yet spoke to me through truth, and through that found me in a place where I needed to be.

I unsheathe my sword of rage and unleashed it on a deserving suitor. I accept that in order to move forward I needed the vision, the release, and the insight.

God is said to come to you in dreams.

This morning God showered me with rightful and needed expulsion and I do feel it is very intuitive to my life moving forward.

Today felt like clearing a new path to success!