Since she was a little girl, she knew nothing but to push herself. Bored with mediocrity Lily didn’t understand average and her examples wouldn’t dare allow it. Daughter of a successful entrepreneur father who took his childhood story and turned it into the dream of any rags to riches fable known to man. Mom, was glorious a walking and oozing vessel of creation, innovation, and beauty. She was the eye candy, soul food, and the proverbial muse all in one.

Mix that with the fact Lily came into her parents in the storm of them persevering to greatness and you have an unstoppable woman in the making. Not a slogan Lily is not an ad campaign or propaganda, BLACK GIRL MAGIC was coined in her image. Talented, Beautiful, Fierce, and subtly so relatable that her greatness was a Generational type of Greatness.

Yet like all there is nearly a dark back drop in every bright ray of sunshine. Lily none the less faced those exact quarrels and most time it spilled over into the one area that for some strange reason she could never seem to grasp a hold of….


*snapping out of her trance*

Yes, what was the question?

Girl, idk who did it but they got you stargazing but what time are you going to be ready for the concert.

Oh, I have my entire outfit planned I want to break necks, so let’s aim for 7:45.

*As Lily replays the face she saw earlier it was something about him and in that brief moment, she lost her train of thought*


I SAID 7:45…

Girl I asked what are you wearing but don’t worry i just got a text from boo soooo i’ll just call you tomorrow.

Ok, I just have a lot on my mind. But yeah i’ll talk to you tomorrow girl I need a good drink and I’ll be ok.

*Lily had this feeling and the last time she did it was trouble but it didn’t start that way. As a matter of fact it never really was difficult until it was over. Something that shattered Lily.*

{She had gone years as the desirable yet laidback girl. She was cool enough to drink a brew but stylish enough to know when stiletto was called for in a professional setting. She was a paradox of perfection. Then there was Jrue her ex who stole her heart and the crazy part, he did it on accident. This feeling was very reminiscent. She was at a lost for words and Jrue was such a force she didn’t understand the gravitational pull. Yet they found something and that ultimately led to a rollercoaster ride of everything that was LIFE.}

*Lily slips off her robe as she enters into her tub to soak, candles lit with strong scents of teakwood paired with subtle hints of patchouli and soft rose.*

Her Playlist :

*Now she enters into a flashback of her times with JRUE*