Remember you gave me permission

So now don’t be surprised that you are now tied up

Remember you gave me access

So now don’t be surprised at how you are restrained

Remember you undoubtedly agreed

So now don’t be surprised that you are halted

Remember when I told you to flee

and you decided that you just stay

So now don’t be surprised that you are wrapped tightly

Slithering along your body a warm tension causes gentle friction.

A ridge that captures you and holds you firmly in place while trying to squirm away.

Placing your eyes atop your head somehow your captor has become your suitor.

You never felt so helpless while being so empowered, floating in a place you fear yet basking in the opportunity which it brings.

Coiled around your flesh my grip leaves a reminder.

Bold and distinct, one which tells of POWER

Your mind attempting to compromise with the battle your body is enjoying

I simply have shown you new ways to experience life.

Silly to think, you naively thought you gained Control only soon to realize you are simply tied up.