I get weary, I get tired, I get lonely, I find doubts, I experience heartache, I feel pain, I find obstacles, I tussle with struggles. As a man I go through silent bouts of depression, angst, uncertainty, confusion, and lack of discipline.

I then look those very issues head on and remind myself that I am strong, I am wise, and capable, I am resilient, I am tough, I am savvy, I am blessed.

Some days I yearn for what is not available to me: companionships, luxury, leisure, celebrations, my deep desires and passions. Intimacy sometimes above all else.

Then as I climb my mountain, and rest atop it alone eye to eye with the moon. I simply bask in the fact that if I were to stop I’d do myself a disservice.

So I continue: some days battered, some days refreshed, others stressed, yet every day from here on out.

I’ll remain Focused!