It gets tricky, sometimes it is not black and white sometimes those sides blend and that grey area matters. A place of thought, precision of priority, a slate of sacrifice.

Necessity to remove emotion from action, yet let it be the basis of how those actions are fueled.

Destiny is the culmination of tools and application of them. It is merely not enough to acquire knowledge without utilizing wisdom and understanding. Distinction and purpose are poised for those that see the grander picture.

It is arousal and building of anticipation to expel a feeling of euphoria it is persistence and determination. It is a point of dedication to ones cause and if feeling strongly about such will not be halted due to minor hiccups, minor bruises, scraps or burns. They heal, wounds will fade, pain is temporary, yet pride and valor are forever. So go hard or go home.

Remember who had you when you were down, who clapped when you were up, and eliminate those who failed to embody both. Utilize your resources and calculate your momentum. Inertia is the hardest to overcome but when you come through like a force bear down and bulldoze through and never let the FUCK UP.

I DON’T CARE what stands in your way even it is yourself demolish that shit. GOD did not make you to be minuscule or invaluable you are a vessel of grandiose magnanimous proportions, do not revel in mediocrity.

Do not dwell in a place of complacency, you are not merely average. You are the EXCEPTION not the RULE. Its time to show that in the 4th QUARTER your OFFENSE IS MERELY THE GRANDEST FORM OF DEFENSE YOU POSSESS. IT IS YOUR FINESSE, YOUR FINISHER, YOUR PRESTIGE.