I in darkness have found peace, that peace is closure and letting go for holding on grabs you towards directions not meant for you. The world lacks love and discipline. It lacks passion and understanding. As we all have a prejudice and selfish ways, we see only how it affects our own psyche, our own personal palette of colors. We dare not explore, for most are more frightened of growth than they are destruction. For they revel in death, toying with the inevitable and almost looking to induce the process faster than one can imagine. Focus is lost, i too fall victim to a lack thereof. The facade of my freedom is an ignorant expression of indecision. I in my 25 years have learned a great deal and continue to seek more the repercussion of risk. Understanding it is far more beneficial than that of quaint aspirations. In my times of famine I’ve found renewed hunger. In my times of drought found suitable thirst, a storm whispered you are weak and not strong enough to weather this. In a cynical grin I replied, ” I am The Fucking Storm.” I have loved, I have given, I have laughed, I have cried, I have gained, I have loss. Yet the most satisfying feeling was understanding how the dark was the essence of light. Darkness was all grasping all seeking. In my life I knew my presence was divine for that I had to learn that praise and respect come in many forms.

I write to cleanse

I read to refresh

I love in order to heal

I fight to my death

Worry not who speaks ill of you in private. Worry not who laughs at your failures. Worry not who leaves as you explore. Worry not who does not want to conquer with you, simply worry about those who will be able to benefit from the gifts you bestow on this world. Even if those people who you stopped worrying about initially are those most touched by it.”

-Johnny R. Hall III