I do think of you.

I do crave your words.

I believe you.

Why, I’ll never quite understand.

I feel you in  In moments of brief wind.

I can hear your voice float across my face.

Then your gentle caress ripples among my back.

I am calmed

Your presence brought more for me.

I just was naive to the game you played.

That somehow I was not your opponent rather your partner.

My shine and yours compliment like the sun and moon.

Both bright and even when we are absent from the world, we are always together.

Your touch calms the pain and my voice stills the water.

We rather chase each other and I think of a great game of tag…

Hide and go get it…

Yet when I catch you, I’ll continue the game because it makes more sense…

So I look you in the eyes and say I DO…

In that moment both our souls know that we had been searching for each other…