A word that many coin as a term of sexual orientation or identity.

To me it is a form of data transfer a highway to direct connection. It is the closest, you can physically come to another individual while internally unraveling them.

While many see it as either heinous before marriage or sinful, some see it as a thrill seeking pleasure, and some merely a badge of achievement like a collectors item.

My view is slightly different, intimacy paired with significance. Although I believe pieces should be left for marriage as it stands to me sex may not be high in that priority list.

Yet having aimless sex with the first cute smile and big butt that pops up isn’t worth its weight in gold either.

To me sex is space of creation, a canvas that is blank and filled with the medium of your choice. Raw clay ready to be sculpted and sat in an urn for setting.

Sex and sexuality are spiritually intentional so frivolous sex sounds as boring as missionary til climax unless it’s passionate love making.

Cheap versions of it will never suffice and pretty faces or perfect physical appearance doesn’t make it any better.

What sexuality means to me is an Intentional desire to challenge and bring out the very best in one another. It is a goal of physical partnership and more about just a nut but the arousal along the way.

I guess you can say I think sex is a big deal and the answer would be YES and NO.

Because although it should be deliberate sometimes it is deliberate sport and for that very reason is merely an excercise or practice.

While at other times it is a place for application and exploration and experience.

To me sexuality is more than flesh deep and for that very reason, I carry it very seriously and hold a standard.

I know this isn’t deep but just what was in my mind tonight.

Until next time….