I want you to know, that it’s this simple.

What is for you


What is not.

I love you and the best advice I can share is that many things will present themselves.

Many opportunities will arise, distractions, and endlessness.

Yet it will always remain the same simple equation.

What IS for You


What IS not

You will fall to the traps and lose your way. Yet your mind and intuition will guide you.

It’s ok to lose, as that will help you to finish, what is for you.

Lessons will come and those are for you too.

Victories will be the best because your patience will make them soon be a constant.

But before you find these riches you will ricochet off what is not for you.

Time will not forget you as long as you don’t forget yourself. You will continually change so embrace it. Never stay so still that you lose yourself.

That is not for you.

Always admire yourself yet be firm in that vision of yourself.

Many will tell you who you are to be.

That is not for you.

Most will be intimidated by your presence.

That is not for you.

Some will look to Sabatoge you but you must never do it yourself.

That is not for you.

Yet the life you envision and desire is very much so…

Just 4 You.

Maverix 4 years you’ve established yourself and you have challenged daddy to be his very unique self. I want you to receive everything that is just for you!!! Just remember it all takes time…

— Love Daddy