Emotions ha

Been there felt that, I am unevenly composed

Of a mixture of idgaf and how dare you.

Yet in that I find balance passion, honesty, and patience.

I do


Like it’s a slow reaction.

Tapping my knee and slowly raising my leg later.

I don’t

However subscribe to the notion of love at first sight.

Simply based upon the precept, love to me is unraveled.

Now unless you walk around bare which few do.

It takes time to discover you.

I will

Allow for an opportunity to discover

It takes a moment to piece together a full person

Sometimes paying attention is difficult as I can say I’ve been sidetracked before.

I will not

Open up my space for mere destruction.

With one exemption that the destruction paves way for the construction of new monuments of success, fulfillment, and understanding.

All things are ended but certain foundations must remain.

I’d love to say I feel you but

Most times I just feel