A crisis of self-worth, doubt paired with excellence.

How can my flesh not feel the burn of pain endured and my mind not recall the agony of torture. Years of mutilation run it’s course through my DNA. Begging me to ask how could the world be so cold.

Yet how can my heart not beat to the sound of elegance and triumph while my soul sways in commemoration of success. Awards, Riots, Speeches, discoveries, and breakthroughs. Knowing I’m powerful beyond measure.

I battle with the very existence that not long ago, my skin was a threat to my life. That no matter the scientific breakthrough/artistic expression/ or powerful oratory , my value did not resonate it frightened. I walk in Unison with Pastors, Authors, Actors, Athletes, Entrepreneurs, Dignitaries, Healers, Lovers, Creators of all walks.

I look in the mirror and my hair long like manes and voice distinct like roars. My walk purposefully strong and my body physically designed to excel. Yet the work I’ve put in to achieve this is not one of ease.

I struggle with my existence.

Because even when the world sees no value in my truth, I can hold my head higher and see my worth. Knowing that in the right place, I will not just be praised but exemplified for spreading a necessary cure. That I mirror much more than power & respect. I embody thought, poise, love, grace, faith, & perseverance. I run to freedom, overcome, and turn dreams into reality by any means necessary.

I struggle with my existence not because the world is blind.


I struggle with my existence because

It can be cruel and unforgiving so I struggle with my existence as all legends do.

My skin bronzed, my heart gold, my mind forged into diamond. I’m a walking jewel, pressure has molded my very existence to shine and gleam.

So most certainly I struggle with my existence.

As it carries the very existence of all those who struggled before me.