Unlikely location:

Basketball Court

Yes, I am an aggressive football built agile footwork guy. So what brings me here?!

The night is special and lonely again. Cold doesn’t beat me nor does doubt although it tries. I’m relentless, feeling forsaken I shoot over & over. Questioning life, wondering why all that I love is stripped away. Why does every wish I hope for never happen. Why do I feel lonely and unconnected to anything except a few very important people. I question God daily!

So I shoot free-throws, take in layups and step back fade-away.

Fuck now I’m crying wondering why was I given this particular pain, this life. Not fun, it’s cold and bound to despair. I want to live joyfully and all I can stumble upon is missed 3 pointers and uncomfortable nights. Breakthrough on the brink. Maybe

Maybe not.

I can’t seem to figure out who I am, where I am to be, and why I feel lost. I’ve forgotten who I am. My mind, my greatest ally and biggest adversary.

“WHY” , has been the beginning of my questions here of late.

Why does life have this grasp.?

Why am I jaded.?

Why are my thoughts clouded?

Why do I wake up and feel useless?

Why do I speak louder in silence?

Cut with :

Transform – Daniel Caesar ft Charlotte Day Wilson