We love to dress up and play make believe.

Cops & Robbers is your least favorite

Typical submission.

So we spice it up to detective and suspect.

We create scenarios and play in our own imagination.

Meeting your alter egos and mental capacity with creative endeavors.

Then I look to you, ready to continue this chase.

scenes, plots, and creativity.

Tonight you will be my therapist.

I have a few secrets can you help me put my wandering thoughts together & my demons to rest.

Unravel and lets try a new scenario.

You were left alone on a date and I swoop in and make your night the most memorable.

Then I have to drop you back to your husband, and someday I look to bump into you again.

You are the perfect actress and I can’t tell when you are in character and when you are yourself.

It is exciting and confusing


Let me be the firefighter and put out the flame and make sure you have made it to safety.

I’ll carry you then as a token of appreciation we find other ways to show you arson isn’t always as bad as it seems.

When you are on stage, I merely enjoy the entertainment.

Then you somehow let me be your support.

I am amazed by Every role.

So who will be coming to the stage tonight???