I know you are a multiplicity of exponents.

Some shy and coy.

Others outgoing and bold.

I protect you not out of obligation alone, no you teach me. Changing and adapting, without you I fail to expand. All you ask is my consistent sentiment.

[I love you]doesn’t stand to explain my desire and yearn to admire you, evolve with you, love through you. How can I not express what in me comes from you.

My depths are for your discovery. Your body is for vision and even in the dark // you move faster than the speed of light. Touching you and learning how to be better in spite of you.

Naive —to believe or to think — and not know you’re perfect in an imperfect plane, we travel planets, unravel universes, then move eons in moments so that we can understand the creation that is US.

Then as I’ve thought of every way to capture you in true form, you change. Boss, Mother, Leaders, Lovers, Players, Generals, Teachers, you continuously flow as the world twirls. I couldn’t ask for a better creation to protect.

So when God made Eve from man // he knew you’d always be the part closest to his heart.


even the word says we will never be apart!