The sense of being trapped in the Cocoon

 Is similar to a baby within his mother’s womb.

  I am very much alive but not exactly ripe.

 Soon this butterfly will be equipped for flight.

If I may survive this earth-bound existence,

When my  metamorphosis has taken place, I will share no earthly resemblance.

 The old me will not recognize how much I’ve grown and what I’ve become.

 The new me is thinking,” I wish you were here to see the things I’ve done.”

 All these feelings of being caught within a snare

 And  flying free without a care

Has shown me how to persevere

 I will not allow my humble beginning to define me 

 Or  evanescent memory of the past will no longer be there to remind me.

 Having transformed into this beautiful being,

I begin my climb with the wind to my back as a butterfly ascending