Yeah …

you sounded a lot more confident through a couple likes but shit all I see is a lot of smoke & filters.

Now I’m seeing how you are excited by danger.

Nice to meet you

I’m The Bad Guy.

You know Mr. Why So Serious

I clean up well

Then turn around and talk so dirty…

I’d say subtle things like stfu …


it’s turning you on.

Tired of hey beautiful and how are you?

Boring right

Predicable at best

You are seeking to find trouble

The guy who you thought was quiet and reserved.


That nice guy shit sounds good.

It just doesn’t come with respect.

I know first hand, I’ve been him before.

Taken for granted

Looked over

So as I Light this L You will be face down in my lap for the Win.

I work entirely to hard for a cape crusader to thwart my plans.

I popped your bra with one hand, and smacked your ass with the other.

You feel alive don’t you!!!

Look me in the eyes while I enter your domicile.

I make you feel like a woman:

sexy, excited, and most importantly desired.

Yet I’m no easy pull.

You can’t have me at your expense

don’t blow up my phone.

Know your fucking role.

Mr. Social media has made you feel more important than you are.

I don’t hand out Gold Stars and imaginary hearts.

If I’m double tapping anything its not on instagram

While thumbs up is more for arousal than approval.

I don’t do filters and good angle trophies.

I find the pleasure in perseverance:

endurance the one who can out work and out last all competition.

See you like the titles, I enjoy the work.

I’m more of

ignore you

left you on read guy.


when I get you in person

tell you get ready and where to head type.

Like save the date

book a flight,

got you hustling to make sure your bread right.


you don’t get to fly free

but you gon get fed right.

After it’s all said and done.

Make sure you get clean

Before we talk dirty.