Broken boys just wanted to play

Laugh and enjoy the day

Smile and spend time with friends and race

That is until everything became a game

The boys who were broken didn’t dress as nice

The boys who were broken couldn’t run as fast

The boys who weren’t broken didn’t have to work hard they knew what was for them.

The broken boys knew that as hard as they tried they may not be able to compete.

They would try and try but broken paths stood beneath their feet.

Then they found that many other things were broken.

So they would do everything to fix things because they wanted so badly to fix the world, so it wouldn’t be broken too.

Then they would cry at broken hearts that they passed in broken homes, broken lives left with broken goals and shattered dreams.

Somehow broken clocks and broken stoves never fed them time to mend broken hopes.

Broken boys never know what it means to overcome being broken down, so even if they fixed it all.

Who wants the man who grew up broken…