I don’t particularly care for sequels. Never really seen a good one if the original is a classic the follow up always fails to compare. So I’m sitting here thinking. Why am I stressing over past relationships, past mistakes, past decisions, and possible rekindled moods.

Today isn’t more so a toll on my esteem as it is my existence. Teetering between am I doing enough and what tf am I not doing that I should be. I chastise myself and then remember I have to be strong. Absent minded won’t unleash my true gifts my intellect. I mean I’m no slouch but my mind is an endless abyss that can generate greatness or fold me into inadequacy. My mind limitless but this world is finite and for that I have to remember that others are as well. My vessel is temporary and my moments dissolved along the path. My ego is loud today and my self awareness is allowing it to simmer down.

I just know that many things I’ve had before none of them appeal in today’s world. So I’ll focus on the moments at hand and am glad for what’s moving forward.