We usually do this thing
I tell her something drastic.
Something along the lines of I can make you come from words.
She briskly responds ” prove it.”
Her mind understands that it can be aroused yet her body is apprehensive to how.
A book.
Now knowledge, comprehension, and wisdom will be her demise.
My hands run down her spine.
So now we hold delicious conversations, recipes, numerous ways to dine.
She realizes that now I’ve read the dedication and her table of contents is up next.
I read her, because it’s soul food, and hers is highest priority on my list.
Yet we can truly see that these stories are, nothing short of a dramatic climax.
Jumbled in her, a message of triumph, lost, and intimacy.
We speak as if I am her narrator, adding depth to her story and length to its editions.
She now finds me finding her chapters to be the very basis behind my mission.
Slowing down I reread chapters just to clarify, I think of alternate endings to add excitement. She knows every story deserves a twist and turn. Just so happens I provide the best curve.
Yet before I tell her, the stories are best acted out to ensure comprehensive understanding. Now I have her strumming through scenes and my words seem to be the conductor. She vows to me that this is a first and somehow I know that her words are not false.
She wants me to costar but I merely give the orders and in the mere words I speak, all she could feel was herself but when her eyes finally rolled into her head she only could see(c)-a-me.

I winked and told her I’m glad you came…

She is going to enjoy this….

Words create thoughts and thoughts manifest actions….

I made her thoughts move and now her body will follow…


-the action of anticipating something; expectation or prediction.