I loved you

but fuck you bitch

I turned to you and shared my heart, as painful as that feat is.

I shared with you my fear, my vulnerability, my sanity. I’ve lost my way.

I lost you, and again i lost my heart then when i found it on the side of the road. You were no where to be found.

I believed it would happen, so how do i blame you.

How can I hurt you so you feel the pain in my tears.

How can I inflict the same disappoint in your world.

I’m heading directly to this path to let you know face to face/ the things you did behind me surfaced.

I look you in your heart and see you never cared like I did.

Never patient, and you knew I needed Urgent Care.

Calm, but you deceived me smiled and left in a hurry.

Haste, you allowed us to move and then abandoned me.

I’ve know that pain, i’ve had to find my way.

Lucky, my charm has been resilience.

Time, a mere facade so I love you.

Even if the clock struck twelve and a new day came.

A week passed and months accrued.

Years drifted and decades accumalte.

No vacations from the pain, love, sex, initimacy, truth, and lies.

Then i remembered that deep down, my soul and aura will forever live in you.

Then I desire for you to be released from me and in turn.

I turn away and realize that moving forward never would allow me to make a U Turn.

Because I took the correct Exit.