Can I run my thoughts through your mind?

You see beauty

I see growth

So when we meet eye to eye

Gardens, homes, and love blossom in the midst of our visions.

Asking how deep can I push, isn’t sexual innuendos, more so time invested into the pain you’ve been made to believe was standard.

So when I say I feel you, your truth is visible amongst my flesh. Touching my scars you feel the journey and path I walked to reach you as my destination but not my final stop.

Be my passenger, riding shotgun. So when I say pull it, it’s a double entendre but either way you take shots.

Drunk, we stumble into knowledge and your mind amazes me and your brain, it blazes me. Setting me on fire, not letting up. We don’t seek average we just stand out and emit extraordinary. So every time we puff and pass, we get higher than before.

Dare me to be the Legend, not a mere blip on an app:

I look you directly in the eyes and surf your soul, floating in your varying possibilities.

So I take chances and risk and the odds are forever in my favor, whether it’s morning or night I can prove I’m victorious in hunger games.

No fear to far to accomplish. Yet my eagle eye locks and if you ever desert me my recoil is far to powerful that it will take time for another to wield my power. But I penetrate life, I fire through illusions and leave behind a residue shells.

Hoping that they wash up onto our shore, you are the calm that water brings. You are the reflection that life needs, I don’t stare at you to see myself but somehow you show me every crevice of my being.

Will you let me place your heart into my chest, so when you hurt or find peace or joy and seek understanding. You turn to me and the words I speak you don’t just let slide off your ears, they wrap your entire being. Bringing a new meaning to becoming one.

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That when I touch your hands, I feel more than sweaty nervous palms or gentle caress, I touch your power. I hold your hands and feel your aura, we fall in love.

Can I place my eyes in your head, so when you see me. You know the joy I am brought by your very existence. Then as you take selfies or sway in the mirror you see not just the silhouette but the raw way in which I love you!

I’ll help you understand

You’ll help me release

That Pain led us to our greatest Pleasure

Life Together