A product of my environment, yet a explorer of the universe.

Today was my grandfathers burial service and oddly death has become normality to me. I’ve been to far more funerals, than weddings. I’ve seen far more violence than loving bliss.

I see my siblings and family are all cut from the same product. Some would say it’s not really good others find it to be the only peace they know.

My grandfather luckily wasn’t a funeral attended due to violence. The streets didn’t consume him he lived a life of playfulness. He left behind a woman of love and compassion. He touched lives.

Even though he himself was a product of his environment.

I admire my grandfather for beating his statistical odds but better yet for being a necessary person to my success.

I’m not perfect nor will I claim to be but my grandfather made me a CHAMPION. A winner and most importantly a diligent & selfless person.

I’m many things but because of him, I know that and live it. As we lay his body to rest. I know that his WILL and GRACE live through me.

Today was perfect and it was a testament to his life success and it never equates to anything but his character!

If I can be a fraction of that impactful then I know his soul will rest well.

Love Always,

Your Sunday Baby!