Dear Ms. Mel,

I can’t tell you how elated I am to let you know that I’m going to be your driver. Professionally speaking you are an awe inspiring woman. Your vision, your space, your mind. The only issue I face is that you are mildly the woman I write about in my spare time. The one who I’ve envisioned in my dreams. I’m public Writing this to let you know that when you read this, you will have more than a business partner. Yet I’ll gladly love to be the very best in my profession, I don’t ever intend to cross unnecessary lines only draw mandatory boundaries. Business and Pleasure don’t mix so I’ve made sure to keep my business ethics in perspective. Yet if you catch me staring in the rear view, don’t be appalled I’m merely appreciating beauty. I hold my title high and even better I don’t intend to half step on my duties. So let me reinforce my utmost admiration but seal it with my honest repression.

I very well intend on driving you to sites unseen, worlds to be discovered, and if I ever stop it’s only a reroute for your next destination.