It’s not completely a stretch to know that people need connection.

Isolation vs intimate activity

Commitment is the battle between comfort and unknown dangers.

You make me happy, yet find me enraged not beyond the point of no return but even then nothing I choose will harm you indefinitely.

In the mean time though I’m fuck these bitches, make this money, and work my purpose.

Then when I run low enough and push my pride away, ill let you serve me the love that I’ve packed away for a rainy day.

I’ll settle for your love, which I’ll never miss.

Ill take responsibility for my actions but definitely will have purpose behind my motives.

Cozy and warm in regards to how I’ll decorate my new living space.

Your heart is where I will live and in it I will adorn each chamber with varying expressions of love.

You will be my first time.

You will be my truth and and the best part of our connection..