I met her on the Almfi Coast an uncanny anomaly

International travel always allows you to attract those whom you can meet.

I tend to wander, finding my way, whilst learning new truths. Opening my mindset expanding my perception of life and living new meanings.


She was different internationally valuable with a domestic ambiance. Familiar enough to approach but unique enough to learn.

She made me question language both verbal and body. She challenged me to expand both mentally and financially. She laid down but only when I relinquished control. She was a great friend yet a better lover.

Uncontrollable and Unconditional she saw Value and Priceless love and I appreciate her vision. She knew before others could come over to pry.

She was loyal and we happened to meet at the most opportune time.

Gate 3D

Tempted by her gaze, her boldness, her expression, her truth, her true self all authentic. A bit more than most can handle but no easy way to have greatness.

And she my friends is greatness. Then when she asked if I needed any assistance and smiled, as i took my seat back to reality. We lifted spirits and she made it clear that her gifts were one of one. This made me feel lucky but even better she made me feel wiser, bolder, more myself. She spotlighted the man that I am to become amidst the distractions that surround me.

Now she just wanted me, something she hesitated on at first, now she waits on stand by. Knowing that what will come will be the journey.

See my travels were internally charged while the soil she had crossed was foreign to me , yet the battlegrounds she was heading towards I knew all too familiar. Loyalty and Help.

The place where I met her and now when we meet again. I won’t just stand by.


The last words she spoke…