Tired would be an understatement.

The hectic influx of the worlds current status is exhausting. Not only is it trying but life continues.

Work, family, obligation, and responsibility. All while at times seeking a fleeting intimacy.

A connection that uplifts and challenges you.

Then there is other facets and small nuances you’ve taken for granted. Walking the mall or grabbing a quick lunch. Especially those small mom and pops places.

Expression has not been stifled since social media is incorruptible but Genuine and connecting expression are few and far.

The energies I’ve been around have taken me on a journey for sure.

The one thing this pandemic has down pact is its ability to not cease to amaze, so I am slowly removing my reigns and desire of control to flow.

This ride is beginning those opposing will struggle but this go round let me just relax and enjoy the ride.

The adrenaline should be fun!!!