Long days bring you no excitement.

Clocking in and running a routine, meeting for this, reminder here, call there, email for that. The monotony of it makes you want to pull your hair out. Some days you look for little instances to slip out of your assigned seat to have a little fun. Burning into my memory you snap pictures that prepare you for your other job.

Swaying, ticking, isolation of your hips. I lose my balance as you find ways to maneuver so effortless… so seductively…

But this is professional no gimmicks or side hustles.

HR, im here to answer all your questions. Step into my office, negotiate a suitable position then we invest in you, the best upward mobility. You counter offer with a proposal of your own. Now I’m in pulling position teetering between the moment and the excitement that got me here. I like the meetings we have, always pressing issues. That overtime that is mandatory seems to not even seem like work.

When I opened the position up, how was I supposed to know this would be my night job.