I weep not because I’m scared, no fear is the last emotion that comes to mind.

I weep at destruction, hurt, pain, and evil.

Since I was young this world seemed upside down.

There could be many worldly reasons.

1) I’m a lefty (so minority)

2) My skin is colored (people of minority)

3) I’m a Male + #2

4) I adore Women who fall into any category of #2

How any of these turn my world upside down? Not quite sure? I just know I’ve felt my share of pain, hurt, disrespect, neglect, and disappointment.

I’ve heard NO many times when YES should have been the only answer.

I’ve also heard YES which lead to a barrage of excuses as why the YES never happened. When I would have faired better with NO.

I watched DEATH after DEATH natural and un. While ingesting fear, sorrow, agony, disadvantage, and insecurity.

I have tried my best to be all that they say you should to succeed. I’ve bled, cried, and sweat to see better than what I was constantly given.

Then I was left by myself to figure it out.

Then I was told to step back to let others go ahead.

Then I was directed to an alternate route.

Then I was stripped of my sight so I couldn’t see clearly.

Then I was told to WIN AT ALL COST.

But this was once the game had already begun.

2020 has been my life in live action. It has been the world I’ve always seen. Unsettling, unnerving, unfair, cruel, and selfish.

Yet what I’ve learned myself is to find what makes your world better and pass that light to those around. I stopped looking to those who cared or didn’t care long ago. Not because this world could harm me, but of what Healing I could bring it.

So if you feel disenfranchised, overwhelmed, hurt, broken, tired, or just overall scared.



But above all ELSE…

Be willing to PROTECT IT AT ALL COST!!!