I woke up to silence,

The kind that lets your imagination/fear run wild

It’s true that silence is deadly

But somehow my thoughts are loud.


My best gift has always been my mind and heart.

Let some of the women I’ve met, probably would say otherwise.

Yet I was blessed to be an entire being. Fully aware. My mind and heArt – move my body.

So when I talked to death it attacked my body.



It challenged my soul

So we just went ahead and sparred.

My mind —it figured would be weakened by nonsense and my heart broken by pain.

Foolish I’ve been and hurt I’ve weathered.

So the conversation began to escalate.

The pain seemed to not burn deep enough. The mindless behavior never seemed to stick.

Then when death had its share of struggle with my soul it went for my peace.

Death wanted me to commit suicide for the murder it didn’t dare have the balls to commit.

Look me in my face if you plan to kill me.

Look me in my eyes and fight my soul.

Sit in my heart and feel my passion.

Step in my body and endure my weight, live in my mind and sit with my thoughts.


You could never kill me I’m ETERNAL.