Dear America,

I’m tired….

We’ve loved you, unconditionally.

Our mothers, nursed you while neglected us.

Our sisters, aroused you while denying their existence.

Our grandmothers, nurtured you when our children desperately needed the love.

Our Fathers, bled for you when they couldn’t tend to our own wounds.

Our brothers, entertained you and forgot their own soul.

Our grandfathers, protected you even when you deserved no such treatment.

Our daughters, idolized you and left their own beauty for yours.

Our sons, strived for your life and found there true essence was denied for superficialities.

Dear America,

Was it not enough to silence us, was it not enough to kill us freely, was it not enough to make us suffer.

Dear America,

Does our joy bring you sorrow or death or hurt.

Does our triumph mean your downfall.

Is there something you know that we don’t.

Do our smiles cut your heart and make you bleed for your life.

Are our laughs suffocating and bring you to the point of Asphyxiation and you have to yell “ I CANT BREATHE” but it’s heard more like a silent whisper.

Do our women excite you so much that you want to kill us to be their savior or would you rather kill them when they deny you access.

Dear America

Does raping, looting, murder, and death only fear you because if we ever decided to be as wicked as you’ve been everything you stole would be returned to us.

Dear America

I’ve called you many times to get your help.

So when the dust and ashes clear, I hope you know that what I’ve endured and what my ancestors make me feel in my DNA. Let me know nothing seems to make sense but your own methods.

Dear America