I found out she prefers me to the seat of her panties.

So I slip them off and let her know it’s nothing to hide.

“Let’s get out of here.”

Skeptical at first but the fact her lingerie is somehow nowtucked away in my pocket gave her inspiration.

Desperate to figure out how she is now bare.

She asks, “Where are we going?”

Simple reply, “just ride”

Shocked she couldn’t understand that her life had been a guided lie.

So now slipping on her some game, I laced her.

Exposing her to parts of herself, asking her questions, I’d opened her up in ways men never thought of.

We found her growing and following a Man and it was weird because she had only been exposed to boys with elongated clits and external ovaries.

I challenged her mind and aroused her imagination. Most men wanted only to please her body but I played it smarter and tempted her thoughts. I let her win so she could feel empowered but I was easily dominating her because she was simply following silent orders.

I was the teacher and she was my student. Extra credit so she had to stay after school.

I’d tell her to meet me at the playground and I’d slide right in. Obstacles, wheels, and swings.

I hoisted her on a balance beam,

As it levels out.

Then we sat down and had a discussion.

Little did she know she had begun a ride.