Time never quite slows our experience.

Like sex used to be this exhilarating thrill most days it’s a means to an end. It starts then it ends.

Well most things really do…

So I fall in love with the moments, those times that will later become distant memories. Falling in love with the seconds that will soon fade into minutes of fun and hours of joy.

Days of thrills and if we are lucky weeks of embrace and gratitude.

While years can be a staple for new beginnings we hope that each brings us more moments.

If time did anything other than run in circles it be something other than infinite.

Something that never really starts or ends but exist.

So if time teaches us anything it is that you must not get caught up in chasing it.

For time never runs it merely unravels until you are no longer able to comprehend it.

Remember you can never rewind but if you press play.

Time can show you it all…